Comment Policy

Hello, and welcome to my HI-SEAS blog!

All are welcomed and encouraged to converse in the comment sections of my articles.  However, as you’re a guest on my site, I ask that you treat this as you would if you were a guest in someone’s home in real life; please be polite and courteous to all of the participants here.  I have no problem with viewpoints or opinions that differ from my own, and I enjoy a healthy, well-reasoned debate.  However, posts that I determine to be rude or insulting to me, my fellow crewmembers, our mission support team, or any other guests are not welcome, and will be rejected during moderation or deleted; repeat offenders will be asked to leave.  Also, any obvious spam or advertisments will be rejected or deleted as well.

Again, please make yourself at home, enjoy your time here, but treat others with the dignity and respect that you’d ask for yourself.

– Andrzej