Last Call

Closing time
One last call for alcohol
So finish your whiskey or beer

– from “Closing Time” by Semisonic

I had collected some photos and such from the past few days that I’ve been promising folks I’d share on here.


Looking at our mission patch, you might notice a small glyph next to each of our names.  Tristan, our crew architect, designed the patch, and added these to symbolize each of our interests.  I’m a light airplane pilot, so I chose an airplane as my glyph.  In particular, it’s a Diamond DA20-C1 Katana, a fun little two-seat trainer I fly when I’m solo and the weather’s nice.  It’s also my favorite aircraft to fly when I volunteer for EAA Young Eagles.

N118CL, a Diamond DA20-C1, and my wings this weekend

N118CL, a Diamond DA20-C1, and my wings this weekend

On Saturday, I got to take this one down to Colorado Springs.  It’s hard not to want to fly when you have a view out your canopy like this:

Colorado Springs

Pike’s Peak rising over Colorado Springs. Look closely, and you’ll see the United States Air Force Academy nestled in the foothills.

Once I got there, I got to visit one of my favorite flying destinations in Colorado, The Airplane Restaurant.  It’s a pretty unique place; you get to eat inside an old KC-97 tanker plane!

The Airplane Restaurant

The Airplane Restaurant, near Colorado Springs Airport

If you’re ever in the area, stop on by, and keep a lookout for a familiar logo as you’re going inside…

Mission Patches

…actually, two familiar logos. That’s our HERA C2M2 patch next to the HI-SEAS IV patch.

On Sunday, I played my last game between the pipes with my rec league hockey team, the Flyers.  We beat the Stags 2-1 in overtime, in one of the most exciting and intense games I’ve ever had the chance to play.  With this win, the Flyers move on to the league championship game next Sunday.  Good luck guys!

Introducing...your 2015 Summer League Flyers!

Introducing…your 2015 Summer League Flyers!

Earlier today, I got word that Lockheed Martin released an article that I’d interviewed for last week.  The most fun part of the experience was a photo shoot on the Lockheed Martin Waterton campus.  Dusty Volkel, the company’s photographer, had found this location on campus a while back, and had been waiting for an opportunity to shoot there.  I’d never been back there before – it’s tucked away behind the old Titan engine test stands – and I was absolutely blown away by the view!

Red Rocks on Lockheed Martin

Seriously, this is on the Lockheed Martin Waterton campus. Who knew?
Photo courtesy Lockheed Martin, used with permission.

I still have a couple of workouts left with my workout partner, Sam Heller, but took this a few days ago.  Gotta keep it beefy!

Sam Heller

This is Sam.  He will pump you up.

What does any of this have to do with space or Mars?  Not much.  But…I guess that’s the point.  These are big parts of my life here “on Earth”, but they’re about to get torn out of it for a year.  I’m happy to get a chance to enjoy them all one more time, and share the experiences with all of you.

Our crew biologist Cyprien just started his HI-SEAS blog, Walking on Red Dust.  Go check it out, and be sure to give him a warm welcome!  And if you haven’t already, go check out our space doc Sheyna’s blog, Live From Mars.  As the rest of our crew members start up their blogs, I’ll add links to all of them on my links page.


6 thoughts on “Last Call

  1. Dusty Volkel says:

    Had a great time with you as well! I figured we might as well explore Lockheed before being stuck in the bubble! Haha! Best of luck Buddy!


  2. Good luck! Declan is using one of the articles from the coverage of the start of the mission as his science current event this week. He thinks it’s pretty cool that I knew you when you were in High School. 😉


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